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Church History

Mt. Moriah Missionary Baptist Church, Inc.(Mt. Moriah MBC) was founded in 1892 by its first pastor, Reverend Stephany Milligan; who was also the pastor of Union Baptist Church ( the mother church of Mt Moriah).  The first church was built on a parcel of land that belonged to Mr. J.P. Clark.  The log structure was situated near a pond just off the main road between what is now Northwoods Mall and Ashley Phosphate Road.  The church's original name was 'Mt Maria' and was built with the lumber gathered from clearing the land loaned to the church.  The original church was destroyed by fire.  In 1902, Mr. Wallace Williams deeded to Neptin Stewart, John Williams and Ceaser Green a half - acre tract of land for the sum of ten dollars ($10).  The E. L. Jackson Fellowship Hall sits on that parcel of land today.  The original church's name was retained and reflected on the deed.  The church received its current name from Sister Rachel Smith (great grandmother of our own Brother Walter Smith, Jr. and Sister Dora Smith).

Diaconate Ministry

The Diaconate Ministry of Mt. Moriah began with three, Deacon Neptin Steward, Deacon Elijah Grant and Deacon David Edwards.  That original ministry of three has grown to over one hundred deacons and deaconesses in today's ministry.  Our Diaconate Ministry is integral to the operation of our church and our performance of the Great Commission.  Many of our deacons and deaconesses serve in multiple ministries, inside and outside the church; in both leadership and non-leadership positions.  Mt Moriah has enjoyed great service from its Diaconate Ministry over the past 120 plus years.

Trustees Board

The Trustees Board of Mt. Moriah was organized between 1899 and 1902.  Its first members were Neptin Stewart, John Williams and Caeser Green who were the legal representatives for the church when the church's property was deeded to them.  The cost of filing the deed was twenty-five cents ($0.25).  In 1899, the property was located in Berkeley County.  The first Trustee Board was established in 1901 and consisted of Dea. Neptin Stewart (Chairman), Trustee John Williams and Trustee Ceasar Green.  Each Trustee Chairman and Trustee Board have contributed to the growth of Mt. Moriah MBC; their leadership, devotion and obedience are reasons why the 'little church on the side of the road' has become the campus it is today.


The Missionary Society of Mt. Moriah was organized under the pastoral leadership of Rev. C. D. Johnson.  Its first officers were: Sis. Mary McCloud (President), Sis. Dora Smith (Vice President) and Sis. Eva Thomas (Treasurer).  The original purposes of the missionaries was outreach and custodial care of communion, as well as other duties assigned by the pastor.  In 1954, First Lady, Josella Thomas, reorganized the society and later that year, Sis. Beatrice Maxey was elected president of the reorganized Missionary Board.  The Missionary Board began the annual support of Morris College (Sumter, SC) with an initial donation of twenty-five ($25).  In 1966, Rev. E. L. Jackson laid the ground work and established a fully organized Missionary Union which included the following:

From this unified group, the Women's Missionary Union (WMU) was formed.  On the fifth Sunday in January 1967, the tradition of missionaries wearing white was began when the WMU led Sunday services.  The late Sis. Martha Steward was elected the first president of the WMU and along with Sis. Elizabeth S. Williams developed the focus of the WMU to include: home missions, foreign missions, missions in evangelism and missions in the local church.  Sis. Elizabeth S. Williams has continued working with the Missionary Ministry for over sixty years and is recognized at the church, association, state and national levels.

Music Ministry

The Music Ministry began at Mt. Moriah with its first organist, Sis. Adeline Stewart, who faithfully led the congregation in songs playing an old foot - pump organ that was donated to the church.  The first church choir was organized in 1944 under the pastoral leadership of Rev. John T. Thomas; Sis. Viola Nesbit was called to be the musician, this choir was named the Senior Choir.  In 1965, the Jubilee Choir was organized and rehearsed in the home of Elizabeth S. Williams, Mt. Moriah's third musician.  The Jubilee Choir did not become a part of the church's Music Ministry until 1967 when Rev. E. L. Jackson asked the group to be responsible for the fourth Sunday evening Baptist Training Union (BTU) services.  In 1969, the Young Adult Choir (Voices of Worship) was organized under the direction of First Lady, Christine O. Jackson and began to render songs on the third Sunday.  The Sunbeam (YAC) Choir was organized from the Mission Friends Ministry in 1969.  In 1971, the Youth (Teen) Choir was organized under the direction of Sis. Janie Jefferson and Sis. Betty McKelvey.  The Male Chorus was organized with Rev. Jackson, Dea. Charles Maxey, Jacob Maxey, Gene Maxey, Gene Harris, Earley Vincent and Min. Stephen Harris as its original members in 1982.  In 1984, the Disciples Choir was organized under the direction Sis. E.S. Williams from various levels of missionaries.  Sister Elizabeth S. Williams served in the Music Ministry for over 30 years and was named a Lifetime member of the Senior, Jubilee and Disciples Choirs.  In 1994, Sis. Tide C. Williams became Mt. Moriah's first Minister of Music and served in that capacity until 2010.  During her tenure and with her leadership, the Music Ministry experienced significant growth in sound, membership and musicians.  In 2009, Sis. Tide was inducted into the State Baptist Music Legends of South Carolina.  She is the first person from the Lowcountry to receive this award and the first from Mt. Moriah.  In 2010, Rev. Darrell Ravenell succeeded Sis. Tide in the same position and currently serves as Pastor of Worship and Arts.

Ushers Ministry

The Ushers Ministry was organized around 1926 under the pastoral leadership of Rev. J.T. Thomas by Deas. Dollie Robinson as the Usher Board.  Deas. Robinson, Sis. Beatrice Maxey and Dea. Joseph Stewart also contributed to the organization of the multi-church, inter-denominational union of ushers known as the Midland Park Usher Union in 1948. Deas. Robinson worked with the Mt. Moriah Usher Ministry from 1926 until 1992.

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