Rev. Dr.  Augustus Robinson, Jr.
Temporary Pastor, Pastor Emeritus
Pastor Emeritus, Rev. Dr. Augustus Robinson Jr. is a native of Jacksonville, Florida and a retired veteran of the United States Air Force.
Deacon Tyrone Sanders, Sr.
Business Administrator
Deacon Tyrone Sanders is Mt Moriah's Business Administrator, a native of Brownsville,Tennessee and a retired veteran of the United States Air Force.
Melanie Edwards
Melanie Edwards is Mt Moriah's Treasurer. a native Charlestonian and a member of Mt Moriah since childhood.
Sister Dolores Ody
Family Life Center Coordinator
Deaconess Dolores Ody is Mt Moriah's Church Clerk, a native of Queens, NY and a former Airman in the United States Air Force.
Rev. Darrell Ravenell
Worship & Arts Pastor
Rev. Darrell Ravenell is a native of Charleston, SC and began playing in churches at the age of seventeen. His career began as a church musician and has blossomed into an artist and his current position, Worship & Arts Pastor.
Rev. Tony Jennings
Pastoral Care & Outreach Pastor
Rev. Tony Jennings is a native of Pensacola, Florida and a 13-year veteran of the United States Navy and Marine Corp. He received his calling when he was a Junior in high school.



Additional Staff